Hi there! My name is Katherine and I am a recent graduate of the Glasgow School of Art. I studied Communication Design with a specialisation in Illustration from 2018-2022. 
In my work I tend to draw on themes of social history and the relationship between place and identity, but my process is always firmly based around exploring and playing with narrative. I am inspired by hearing the stories of others, and appreciate finding ways to visualise them through a variety of different media. I work to turn them into something tangible in a way that reflects their truth. I aim to build landscapes within my images to convey a sense of atmosphere that speaks to elements of the familiar.
Here's some of the things I've been up to recently: 

Glasgow Times article about my final year project, ' Lost ballet about the Gorbals has a new role in Glasgow art exhibition ' by Ann Fotheringham, photo by Robert Perry.

I was asked to come into Strathclyde University and update a mural in their Chaplaincy Department. The trees and birds were originally a pale grey, so I tried to inject some colour into them in order to brighten up the space. 
Excerpt of testimonial by Rev Meg Masson:
" Katherine undertook the painting of the mural with great care and with respect for the wider space,
ensuring no mess or negative impact. She was pleasant and engaging, worked calmly and diligently,
was always open to discussions about progress and finer points of the project and was a
consummate professional throughout. As well as the large scale aspect of the mural, Katherine also
designed and added some small, detailed faith symbols to the border of the mural, showing a
comfort and ability with both large “up ladders” projects and more intricate work, requiring the
making of stencils.
I am absolutely delighted with the finished mural with its trees in full foliage, bursting with bold
rainbow colours. Visitors have all commented on it as soon as they enter the space, saying that there
is such an improvement on what was there previously and that it is now uplifting, joyful, vibrant and
aligned with our vision for the Chaplaincy.
Based on my experience of her design and implementation of this project, I would unreservedly
recommend Katherine to anyone who is looking for a freelance designer."

I helped Risotto Studio create their colourful artwork by Anderston train station for COP26.
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